Dr Jantzer is a mad sculptor and creative mastermind.  He creates imaginative creatures, characters and scenes using re-purposed objects polymer clay and whatever else he can get into. His creations are brought to life through the craft of his humble artisan operatives.


Jeff Jantz is Dr. Jantzer's right and left hand. He obediently constructs and sculpts the concepts that consume his thoughts when ever Dr. Jantzer is on a creative kick.


Jamie Jantz is a technological guru. She mysteriously transforms the three dimensional creations of Jantzer studios into flat media masterpieces.


Mathew Winne is summonsed by Jantzer studios when the magical moving picture machine is needed.

Together they all make up the magic that is Jantzer Studios.

Our Story

Illustrative Sculpture

2/3-d Character design

Found Object design





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